Water System Project in Center for the Poor - Butuan

Butuan City has been dealing with water problem especially during rainy season. The town lies below sea level and flood, the potable water supply is prone to contamination, therefore , water become scarce due to unbalance supple and demand. Aside from that the some areas in the city have been contaminated by the water-born disease called schistosomiasis. The newly established Center for the Poor-Butuan found a solution to contend with the existing problem of water supply in the community. The Center with the help of the MSC Mission Office constructed a Comprehensive Water Purifying with Reverse Osmosis System and Pre-Treatment Facility. This system helps remove many types of dissolved and suspended bacteria from water to make it potable for consumption.

Moreover, the water system will able to help the Center sustain its water supply since more visitors and guests are expected to come for retreats, recollections and seminars. This water system project will promote sustainability mindset and hopefully will encourage other communities to come with such project. The main beneficiaries of this project are the people who will visit and stay in the center. And also the center is open to all the neighboring communities who need potable water.

The MSC Center for the Poor - Butuan is thankful for the support that the Mission Office has given for the project. This is a great way to encourage and promote sustainability in other communities.

Process Flow Diagram of the Water Reverse Osmosis System