Educational Assistance for the Poor Students in Butuan - MSC Center for the Poor

Post date: Jul 13, 2019 2:38:16 AM

The program aims to provide educational assistance to fifteen (15) indigenous children from province of Agusan in Mindanao. Fare & allowance, books, school supplies and uniform were able to provide to the students.

The most important endeavor that the MSC Center for the Poor (MSC – CFP) focuses on is on the development of the community by helping the children to grow in a holistic manner for them to help shape up the future of their family and community. Thus, the disadvantaged youth program was established in the center. The children will always have a special part at the heart of the Center. It aspires to be the helping hand of the poor, the little ones and the marginalized in the society. And since the center opened to the public last year, different sectors came to seek help and assistance for their needs.

The program started when the MSC – CFP opened its services to the public. Many out-of-school-youths came to the center and expressed their willingness to avail the program for the disadvantaged youth. As soon as the program was granted and the funds was released, Fr. Richie Gomez gathered the student beneficiaries for the orientation about the program. The MSC – CFP laid down the requirements needed to continually avail for the scholarship given by the Mission Office and all of them had agreed. One of the requirements is for them to come to help in the ongoing preparation of the center to be a place for retreat and seminar for those who wish to learn about livelihood, environmental care and stewardship. During the first months of the program, the center gave extensive seminar on environmental stewardship to the scholars. It is a requirement for them to be an environmental steward that will help protect the destruction of our environment. Bokashi technology, eco-bricking, recycling, using alternative energy source and urban farming were some of the seminars given to the scholars. All of them were so glad to learn different ways to help preserve the mother earth. During weekdays, the scholars were given time for their studies and families. And the Center ensured that the scholars do their responsibilities as students and children of the parents. Meanwhile, during weekends they gathered in the Center to have a kumustahan or life sharing together with their co-scholars. And after the sharing in the morning, they had to do their respective schedules and assignments in the center.

The MSC – CFP would like to express a heartful gratitude to MSC Mission Office for granting the program for the children who ultimately wanted to finish their studies to help their families. In behalf of the beneficiaries and their parents, thank you so much for support and love you showed for all of us. And we hope that you will continue to support our programs and continue the mission to help the poor and the marginalized. God bless and more power!