Educational Assistance for the Disadvantaged Youth in Hapag Community, Amparo, North Caloocan

Post date: Jul 15, 2019 7:48:58 AM

As part of the mission in helping shape the growth of the Hapag Community, educational assistance was extended to the disadvantaged youth whose parents could not afford to send their children to school. This program aimed to support the students in order to continue their studies. The students were provided of their school needs such as allowance, projects, uniform, food and other supplies. A total of 8 grade and senior high school students benefited the program.When we decided to extend allowance assistance to some of our students, we did not just want to alleviate their worries by providing for them regular allowance assistance, we also wanted to address the constantly recurring drop outs. We have achieved both, for the school year 2018 to 2019, we had zero drop out and we are very happy to see the remaining pool of our students continue with their education. They have continued their sense of paying it forward by leading our Big Brother and Big Sister Tutorial scheme and by participating in regular community clean up duties and by having a weekly youth prayer group. We are also happy to inform you that some of our students have been consistent in having high grades.

The community is hoping to strengthen the livelihood programs in our community to further provide work opportunities for the parents and assist in their goal to be financially self-reliant. We hope to strengthen the network of support that we get for our educational assistance program for us to continue our service to the students of the Hapag Community. We hope that the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart can continue their support towards achieving our goal for the students and their families in the Hapag Community.