About Us

The Mission Office of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart – Philippine Province formally opened on September 1, 2009 at the MSC Provincialate in Gilmore Avenue, Quezon City. Its primary purpose is to assist the MSC family in mobilizing resources, local and foreign, for development projects that are responsive to the needs of the communities they minister to, with particular attention to the poorest of the poor and in remote mission areas. The MSC Mission Office Philippines is the local authority recognized to screen project proposals and secure funding from MSC Mission Office Australia, Inc. Other countries with Mission Offices are PNG, Fiji, Kiribati, Vietnam, Africa, India, among others.

Our Vision

A unifying structure for project services and resource mobilization of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Philippine Province for a new creation.

Our Mission

We commit to facilitate, organize and systematize the network of agencies and benefactors and to respond to the pastoral needs of the communities in coordination with the Lay as partners in mission towards witnessing the Spirituality of the Heart.

Our Goals & Objectives

  1. To promote the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of the sacred Heart in our motto, "May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere."

  2. To engage in charity works and seek substantial financial assistance for our programs and projects.

  3. To create comprehensive data base of benefactors, supporters and partners and to promote and nurture our relationship with them.

  4. To facilitate funding for different advocacies.

  5. To continually expand our fund-raising activities.

Five Strategic Priorities

1. Sustainable Local Funds Development

2. Increase Number of Partners (Data Base)

3. Increase Engagement & Partnership with Stakeholders

4. Government Compliant Status and Accreditation

5. Networking with Selected Institution


Chairman: Fr. Leonardo Cabrera, MSC

Vice-Chairman: Fr. Richard Montaner, MSC

Corporate Secretary: Fr. Jesus Dumaual, MSC

Treasurer: Fr. Fabian Cayetano, MSC

Auditor: Fr. Jay-ar Babor, MSC

Board Members

Fr. Edwin Borlasa, MSC

Fr. James Espuerta, MSC

Mr. Ignacio Angeles

Mr. Gamebal Manbiotan

Executive Director: Fr. Sammie Patriarca, MSC

Government Affiliation & Registration

Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC)

Registration No: CN200912234

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

TIN No.: 007-345-808-000

Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD)


Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC)

Year Accredited: 2019 BIR Donee Status Registration No: 112-2019

Certificate of Tax Exemption

No. RR7A-RDO039-11-19-0011